How to buy a vehicle STALKER MAD BIKE® ?

Our vehicles are sold by our authorized dealers worldwide. These are specialized stores selected for the quality of their services and their technical expertise. You can also purchase our STALKER MAD BIKES directly from this website. We make sure to maintain a unique price on the whole market and our special offers are set up with all our authorized resellers. Click on "Find a Reseller" at the top of our site to access a list of our resellers. Delivery of your vehicle to our authorized resellers is offered. You can also choose to be delivered directly to your home, in this case shipping costs will be calculated at the time of validation of your online shopping cart.

What is the delivery time of my vehicle STALKER MAD BIKE®? Updated on September 23, 2020.

We estimate the delivery time between 65 and 90 days once your order is processed (within 5 to 7 days after your online purchase). You will only be charged once your order has been processed. Any purchase made online is considered an accepted purchase order.

How to buy spare parts for my STALKER MAD BIKE® ?

Just like buying your bike, you will need to go to an authorized STALKER MAD BIKE® dealer to buy spare parts or accessories for your bike. You can also get in touch with our After Sales Service directly on this website. Delivery is free of charge when made through one of our authorized dealers.

What documents do I need to provide for the purchase of my vehicle ?

We reference each vehicle sold by its serial number written on the frame, by its key and associate it to an owner so that you can provide you with a warranty certificate that can be transferred to a new owner in case of resale (see Next Question). You will be asked for a valid ID to validate the delivery of your vehicle.

What are the Guarantees for my STALKER MAD BIKE® ?

You will find all the information on this subject in the WARRANTIES section at the foot of our website. If you have any questions, you can also contact our Sales Department by clicking on "Contact".

I have lost the key that allows me to unlock the battery. What to do ?

Prevent problems. Always keep a copy of the key in a safe place. We keep a copy of the key for each vehicle sold for life in a safe place. We will be able to send you a duplicate for 100€ including delivery. Don't lose your key !

What is the autonomy of my STALKER MAD BIKE® ?

We specify the average autonomy of each model in its technical data sheet based on our test conditions. The lowest figure corresponds to the autonomy you can expect in difficult conditions of travel, temperature and loading. The higher figure corresponds to the autonomy you can expect under optimal conditions.

What to do with my batteries at the end of their life ?

Batteries must be returned to us so that we can recycle them with the help of our partners and thus reduce the pressure on our planet's natural resources. Please contact our After Sales Service to know the whole procedure to follow.